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Materials Science is one of the key subjects which has recently been identified by the Government as strategically important yet vulnerable, due to increasing recruitment issues.

The UK Centre for Materials Education is aware of the current issues surrounding both student recruitment and the retention of students and sees Outreach activities as an important part of its agenda.

Some examples of current Outreach activities are:

Why Study Materials website (

The website has been created both as an informal guide to our world of Materials Science, and importantly, as a teaching aid for use in secondary level education.

There are a number of interactive games, quizzes and movies on the site together with a wealth of information covering university courses, school packs, Open Days and career opportunities. The website has clearly defined areas for students and teachers to help steer their focus, we have also embedded our familiar Database of Resources into the website, giving access to a large number of individually-selected and annotated learning materials, with particular focus at the appropriate school level.

Materials Interactive CD-ROM

A CD-ROM containing a set of interactive resources designed to increase awareness and public understanding of the discipline is available free of charge. The CD is also intended to be used as a teaching aid.

Tower of London

The UKCME has funded the Royal Armouries since 2002 helping to expand its award winning education service to include sessions on Materials Science.

To date, the project has part-funded a full-time Materials Science teacher at the Tower of London and contributed towards several seminars and activities reaching thousands of students every year.

Baytree Science Club Project

The UK Centre for Materials Education is funding an after-school Science Workshop for 11-15 year-old girls in Brixton. The aim of the project is to widen access to science through interactive science learning especially to children from ethnic minorities and from disadvantaged social backgrounds.

The Science Club which has been running for a year reached the National Final of the BAA Challenge/ Young Engineers Competition. The club took four girls to Gatwick for the final where they competed against groups from schools across the country.


Manchester Science Museum

 On 19 th May 2007, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester organised a Science Family Day showcasing real life examples of Materials Science. The UKCME was well represented on the day with an activity station where children could play the interactive Materials Trump Cards game. Overall the day was a success; hundreds of children, their parents and teachers played the game and received information about the Centre and its activities.





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