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Themed Areas Currently Available:

Scottish Quality Enhancement Themes
The Enhancement Themes initiative aims to enhance the student learning experience in Scottish higher education by identifying specific areas for development. The Themes encourage academic and support staff and students to share current good practice and collectively generate ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching.

Widening Participation
The introduction of Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SENDA) means that education is required to be accessible for all. Specifically that staff and institutions must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled people are not put at a substantial disadvantage to people who are not disabled in accessing higher education.

Education for Sustainable Development
Sustainability is now recognised to be a key area of development for the education sector.  In particular, the policy and practice context points to the need to consider how best to embed it into higher education learning and teaching strategies and curricula.

Learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communication technologies. Flexible and innovative teaching methods are becoming increasingly important for both staff and students, and can help to significantly enhance the educational experience. A number of Materials-specific resources are available on these pages to help you develop your teaching.

With the expansion of higher education and the rapidly changing labour market becoming increasingly knowledge-based, employability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in most students’ lives.

Outreach Activities
The UK Centre for Materials Education is aware of the current issues surrounding both student recruitment and the retention of students and sees Outreach activities as an important part of its agenda.

Further Education
Learning and teaching resources for FE lecturers delivering materials units as part of engineering courses.

Sector Skills Councils
Information and links to Sector Skills Councils related to Materials Science.



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