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Name(s) Institution Date Title
Ian Jenkinson Liverpool John Moores University 2001 Development of a Web-Based Resource to Support Student Learning in the Field of Design and Process Engineering
Neil James University of Plymouth 2001 Individual Learning Package in Failure Analysis through Industrial Case Studies
John Marchment Isle of Man College 2001 Internet Site and Database
Claire Davis University of Bath 2001 Columbia Space Shuttle case study
Nigel Mills University of Birmingham 2001 Polymeric Ropes for Sports activities
Nigel Mills University of Birmingham 2001 Polymeric bags for the collection, rocessing and storage of whole blood
John Marchment
Cheryl Anderson
Isle of Man College (JM) and University of Wales, Swansea (CA) 2002 Materials Resource Pack for Schools
John Begg University of Derby 2002 Pilot study for the creation of materials resource boxes for home educating groups in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and surrounding areas
Hugh Shercliff University of Cambridge 2002 Material Property Charts: Interactive Tools Linking Processing and Composition to Microstructure and Properties
Nigel Mills and Adam Gilchrist University of Birmingham 2002 Polymer Foams Used in Sport and the Health Service
Mark Alger London Metropolitan University 2002 Guide to Web Resources for Polymer Materials Teaching
James Marrow University of Manchester 2003 Integration of e-Learning into Materials Laboratories
Rebecca Higgnson University of Loughborough 2003 The Use of Web Based Assessment as a Learning Tool
Harry Bhadeshia University of Cambridge 2004 Electronic Resources: Metals and Alloys
James Ren Liverpool John Moores University 2004 Use of FE Modelling in Materials Teaching
Claire Davis University of Birmingham 2004 Materials Science by Video
Molly Stevens Imperial College, London 2004 Development of Video/ Web based Learning Resource
James Ren Liverpool John Moores University 2004 Development of Web based Resource (Polymer Foams)
Bill Clyne and John Leake University of Cambridge 2005 Production of 4 new Materials web-based Teaching Modules
Harry Bhadeshia University of Cambridge 2005 Production of new electronic resources on 'Fabrication'
David Williams and Mandy Martin-Smith HMRA 2006 Materials Science Project at the Tower of London
David McPhail Imperial College London 2007 Case Study, UKSAF





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