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There has been a great surge in the use of creative thinking techniques by companies throughout the UK who are keen to help their employees think and act more innovatively. To date, very little of this has reached HE, but there is an increasing pressure being put upon universities to produce graduates who are also creative thinkers and innovators. The Creative University project aims to help enable HE to support and foster this type of learning.

The project is initially holding a 4-day training course about creativity for lecturers in HE. The course will give an overview of a number of different approaches and techniques as well as attempting to contextualise these approaches within the HE environment. On the basis of feedback from the course the techniques introduced will be further explored and evaluated within HE by 5 project associates selected from the course attendees. Feedback from this evaluation will be distilled into a user-friendly Guide for university departments on the use of creative thinking approaches.



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