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  • Why Study Materials? website

  • Materials Interactive CD-rom

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  • Resources for Materials Teaching in Schools
    A series of resources designed to support the teaching of Materials Science in schools. The list, outlined by the Armourers and Braziers' Company contains details of summer schools, industrial tours, regular updates for teachers, Headstart courses, scholarships, CD-ROMs and other publications. Relevant contact details are also included.

  • Corus Education Support Service

  • Challenge of Materials
    A gallery and website all about materials, from the Science Museum, London

  • Careers in Materials
    Discover the diversity of career opportunities for Materials scientists in fields such as sport, aerospace, communications and medicine.

  • Materials Career Checklist
    Find out what qualifications you need for a career in Materials, and what types of jobs are available at the end of it.

  • The Industrial Trust
    The Industrial Trust is an organisation which promotes the past, present and future of industry to: Enthuse people - especially young people - about learning by bringing the curriculum to life; Stoke up people's desire to work in industry by firing their imagination and enthusiasm over how exciting and important it is to design and make things; Increase understanding of the vital role of industry as the base on which a modern economy is built.




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