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by John Marchment, Fe Coordinator

As FE coordinator I have elected to make available the PowerPoint presentations that I have been using in recent years. These are aimed at First & National Level, although they may be useful for Higher courses as revision material. They are mainly qualitative in nature and aim to cover a wide range of materials and properties and to allow the use of colour illustrations. Where possible, I have tried to keep them light-hearted to maintain the students’ interest. I have usually used them to consolidate learning, by showing them the week after teaching the topic. The following presentations are available for download:

I have a number of others in development, but am not yet happy enough with the quality. If you need any images contact me. I also issue them to students as background notes by printing them as ‘handouts’, after temporarily changing the colour scheme to black and white.

There is also a presentation on the Rolls Royce Trent engine, courtesy of Rolls Royce plc. This gives an interesting overview of materials selection in aero engine design. Please ensure you acknowledge the source of the presentation. You can download the presentation here (Microsoft PowerPoint format, 9166kb)

Please feel free to use them as you wish and modify them. It would be good if any improvements you carry out could be shared with others. I will be happy to incorporate anything you offer.