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The Materials Literature Review Prize encourages the writing of definitive, critical reviews of the literature by students as an essential part of study for a higher degree, and subsequently makes the best of these available to a wider readership. The winning review and selected highly commended reviews are published in the journal.

Initiated by David West and Jim Charles in 2000, the competition has been developed under John Knott to include a masterclass at which finalists make short presentations and receive feedback on a first draft of their review from a panel of experts drawn from the Materials Science and Technology Editorial Board.

The Prize is open to any postgraduate studying for a materials science and engineering related qualification at a UK institution.

MST Materials Literature Review Prize - Previous years' winning entries:

Year Author Article Published
2009 Samantha Bennett (University of Cambridge) Dislocations and their Reduction in GaN tbc
2008 Andrew Short (then University of Nottingham)   Gas tungsten arc welding of α+β titanium alloys: A review MST Volume 25, Number 3, March 2009 , pp. 309-324
2007 Yi Zhang (then University of Cambridge) Inhomogeneous deformation in metallic glasses MST Volume 24, Number 4, April 2008 , pp. 379-391
Peng Zeng (then University of Sheffield) Biocompatible alumina ceramic for total hip replacements TRB Volume 2, Number 2, June 2008, pp. 109-120

2006 No award (cycle of judging amended)
2005 David Deak (then University of Oxford) Strontium titanate surfaces  MST Volume 23, Number 2, February 2007 , pp. 127-136
2004 Tom Quested (then University of Cambridge) Understanding the mechanisms of grain refinement of aluminium alloys by inoculation MST Volume 20, Number 11, November 2004 , pp. 1357-1369
2003 No awarded winner 
2002 Luke Nelson (then University of Bath) Smart piezoelectric fibre composites MST Volume 18, Number 11, November 2002 , pp. 1245-1256
2002 Rachel Oliver (then University of Oxford) Growth and characterisation of nitride nanostructures MST Volume 18, Number 11, November 2002 , pp. 1257-1271
2001 Liam Way (then University of Wales ) Cleanness, castability and surface quality of formable sheet steels MST Volume 17, Number 10, October 2001 , pp. 1175-1190
2000 Sarah Hoile Processing and properties of mild interstitial free steels MST Volume 16, Number 10, October 2000 , pp. 1079-1093


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