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In response to many requests for support on specific aspects of materials education, the Centre established a number of Thematic Groups, each focusing on a particular educational theme within a continual cycle of educational practice, and each led by an expert in that field. The aim of each group has been to form a focal point for discussion and the sharing of knowledge about that topic. Details of the activities and outputs of each Thematic Group are available below:

Attracting Materials Students
Led by Cheryl Anderson
Guide for Lecturers: Attracting Materials Students
Workshop: Effective Schools Liaison

Environmental Materials
Led by Cris Arnold
Guide for Lecturers: Environmental Materials
Workshop: Environmental Materials

Teaching Materials Using Case Studies
Led by Claire Davis and Elizabeth Wilcock
Guide for Lecturers: Teaching Materials Using Case Studies
Workshop: Teaching Materials Using Case Studies

Developing Professional Skills
Led by John Wilcox
Guide for Lecturers: Developing Professional Skills
Workshop: Developing the Professional Student

Assessing Materials Students
Led by Lewis Elton
Guide for Lecturers: Assessing Materials Students
Workshop: Assessing Science and Engineering Courses

Learning Materials at a Distance
Led by Mark Endean
Guide for Lecturers: Learning Materials at a Distance
Workshop: An Introduction to Distance Learning

Materials for Engineers
Led by Mike Bramhall
Guide for Lecturers: Materials for Engineers
Workshop: Materials for Engineers

Tutoring Materials
Led by Adam Mannis and Shanaka Katuwawala
Guide for Lecturers: Tutoring Materials
Workshop: Teaching Materials for Engineers

Learning Materials in a Problem Based Course
Led by James Busfield and Ton Peijs
Guide for Lecturers: Learning Materials in a Problem Based Course
Workshop: Teaching Materials using Problem Based Learning

Materials Chemistry
Led by Stephen Skinner
Guide for Lecturers: Materials Chemistry
Workshop: Teaching Materials Chemistry

Teaching Materials Lab Classes
Led by Caroline Baillie
Guide for Lecturers: Teaching Materials Lab Classes
Workshop: Improving Teaching and Learning in the Laboratory

Evaluating a Materials Course
Led by Ivan Moore
Guide for Lecturers: Evaluating a Materials Course
Workshop: Evaluation




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