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This year's round of small grant funding (2010) is now closed. However we hope to be in a position to put out another call for funding proposals next year.

Fifteen small grants of £2.5k have been recently approved for colleagues to use in developing and enhancing Materials learning and teaching.

The projects are to last 6-9 months and are related primarily to the follwing themes:

  • Developing teaching in new and emerging areas in the Materials discipline (linked to research and/ or industry/ business).
  • Student engagement in the development of the curriculum and enhancement of the learning experience.
  • Development of electronic resources which can be released openly to the Materials teaching community internationally.

Synopses for twelve of the successful project bids are available for download below:

Name(s) Institution Title
Dr John Low

School of Engineering Sciences
University of Southampton

Development of teaching and learning materials for modern electrochemical approaches to nano-structure materials and coatings
Prof Mike Gibbs

Engineering Materials
University of Sheffield

e-Resource for Laboratory Training
Professor Robert J Cernik

School of Materials, Material Science Centre
The University of Manchester

An e-learning resource for students to access and study the highlights of the application of synchrotron radiation (SR) to real problems in materials science research; from the early days of SR to the present day

Mark Endean & Kath Clay

Design, Development, Environment and Materials
The Open University

Product re-engineering for enhanced end-of-life performance

Dr Arnaud Marmier

University of Exeter

A surfboard for the 21st century: eco-materials research and development by materials students

Dr Andy Bushby

School of Engineering and materials Science
Queen Mary
University of London

Developing a guide to student centred learning activities

Mr Marc Fry

Materials Education Director
Granta Design Ltd.

Granta Open Access Material Education Resources
Dr Adrian Boyd

Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC)
University of Ulster

Enhancement of Student Learning in Biomaterials Laboratories

Dr Anish Roy

Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Loughborough University

Learning aids in Mechanics of Modern Materials

Julian Ingle

Thinking Writing, Language & Learning Unit
Queen Mary, University of London

Engineering Writing’ Reusable Learning Object
Dr John Metcalf

Engineering and Mathematics
Sheffield Hallam University

Supporting and engaging materials engineering students in their learning through the use of Apps

Professor Richard G Dodds

School of Engineering
University of Liverpool

Enhancing first-year Sustainable Development teaching with an appreciation of the importance of Materials engineering




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