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A residential weekend course for student representatives in Materials Departments

Baldersdale Youth Hostel, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham, 9-11 November 2001

The purpose of the course was to help students to appreciate how they can best represent the interests of their fellows, by enabling them to gain an insight into the principles and practice of materials education in institutions across the UK.

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Reviews of the Weekend

Paul Radley, Sheffield Hallam University

"Sunday morning, Jock goes around banging and crashing to get us up and I miss breakfast and go straight into the treasure hunt, the clues were excellent and the team had put a lot of effort into it. The final challenge was to collect and present the views of students at a staff/student committee meeting chaired by Peter. Again in our groups we collected the views of our peers through the use of surveys and interviews using the topics raised in an earlier brainstorming session. One person from each group would present the results at the meeting. The whole group felt this challenge brought together all the activities of the weekend and provided good relevance to our roles as student reps." Read the Full Review

Simon Panteny, University of Bath

"Saturday and Sunday Morning consisted of a number of challenges to reveal the difficulties in teaching, so as to give students knowledge of 'other side of the fence' - as in being a teacher. This ranged from teaching the other students origami to the dance steps for 'the running man'. Another challenge was focused on the incorporation of new material science students into a department at the start of the first year." Read the Full Review