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Date: 4-5 February 2009
Location: Hotel Condes, Barcelona, Spain

Solar panels'The worldwide market for polymer electronic products has been estimated to be worth up to £15 billion by 2015 and the opportunity for new markets could be as high as £125 billion by 2025.'

The rapid development of polymer electronics has revealed the possibility for transforming the electronics market by offering lighter, flexible and more cost effective alternatives to conventional materials and products.

With potential applications ranging from solar panels and smart packaging to medical diagnostic devices and flexible displays, plastic electronics promise to transform the entire electronics market as we know it.

Unlike their silicon counterparts, electronics based on conductive polymers and flexible substrates can be produced at low cost, low temperatures and printed using traditional ink jet printers or techniques similar to those used to produce magazines and wallpaper. The opportunity to print “electronic ink” circuits onto typically PET or PEN substrates paves the way for a new generation of portable devices which can be biocompatible, flexible, light weight, shock resistant and transparent – properties which are unachievable with traditional silicon technology.

Smithers Rapra is pleased to announce its first Polymer Electronics conference, designed to inform researchers, material suppliers, component fabricators and electronics manufacturers of the latest research and developments in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

With a prestigious panel of speakers presenting on a wide range of polymer electronics and related technology topics, this conference will bring together senior delegates from across the world to discuss the technologies and opportunities at the heart of polymer electronics.

The conference offers two full days of application focussed technical papers detailing current and future developments in the fast-moving polymer electronics industry: it is a must for forward thinking companies wishing to participate in this predicted £125 billion market.

Who Should Attend:

The conference will particularly appeal to those with the following roles:

  • Heads of R & D
  • Technical Managers
  • Product Engineers/ Development
  • Electronics Design Engineers
  • Material and Polymer Scientists

The conference will also be of use to companies involved in the following sectors:

  • Photovoltaics and solar energy
  • Displays
  • Intelligent packaging
  • Smart labels
  • Medical electronics
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Defence and aerospace
  • Sensors and transducers

For further information and registration details please visit: