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3rd International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing
17-18 December 2007 , Trinity College, Dublin
This conference is the third in an international series sponsored by the Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Committee of the UK’s Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. It will focus on the related themes of nanomaterials, nanotechnology and manufacturing at the nanometre scale.
Carbon Transportation and Storage
4 December 2007 , IOM3, London
This one day conference aims to give a brief overview of the carbon capture technologies available, and then take a more detailed look at the transportation and storage issues that dominate the industry.
HE in FE: How can e-Portfolios help me? Practical e-portfolios
28 November 2007
This hands-on workshop introduces the thinking behind e-portfolios, provides a range of practical examples of their use in post-16 education and looks at the various approaches and tools available.
Aerospace 2030 - The Role of Smart Materials and Technologies
27 November 2007
This meeting will discuss the envisaged requirements and attributes of future aircraft entering service up to 2030, and the required and likely contribution made to these aircraft by smart materials, structures and technologies.
Workshop on Peer Assessment in Engineering and Physical Sciences
21 November 2007
Would you like to explore ways of reducing the time you spend on marking whilst enhancing the student learning experience? This workshop will provide an opportunity for academics from engineering and physical sciences disciplines to find out more about peer assessment, highlighting approaches which can easily be embedded in your own teaching.
Materials Student Reps' Weekend 2007
9-11 November 2007
The purpose of the weekend event is to help students to appreciate how they can best represent the interests of their fellow students on various Committees, by enabling them to gain an insight into the principles and practices of Materials Education in institutions across the UK. We hope that the students will find the activities useful but also that they will meet with, and learn from, students in similar positions in other universities and colleges. The course will be highly interactive and be both enjoyable and constructive.
Antibacterial Materials
1 November 2007, London
This one day conference will look to assess the challenge posed by microbial systems and look at the various ways in which science is being applied to counter the threat.
The 14 to 19 diploma in Engineering - an overview for HE
30 October 2007, Staffordshire
From 2008 schools in England will be offering the new 14- 19 specialist diplomas. Of particular relevance to HE providers will be the level 3 diploma, which is a two year course intended amongst other things to be a route into higher education. The content of the diplomas has been developed in consultation with industry, schools and higher education, and much of the content has now been fixed.
Women In Engineering and Technology Research
26-27 October 2007, Paris, France
This international conference is organized within the framework of the PROMETEA project, by the French members of the consortium. The objective of the conference is to gather specialists to exchange on gender issues in engineering and technology research careers and bring new perspectives on engineering and technology research in itself.
Engage Project Meeting
24 October 2007, Sheffield Hallam University
The Engage project team have four working groups, one of which is focussing on ‘Management of Change’ issues. This subgroup would like to invite you to an event to discuss the topic in order to raise any issues and to share experience of Employer-Higher Education engagement.
'Towards a Business Case'. Launch event for the Embedding Widening Participation & Promoting Student Diversity research report.
11 October 2007, The Royal National Hotel, London
This event sees the official launch of the findings of an important new study into the successful embedding of widening participation. It will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with the emerging issues and to trial workshop materials to support the embedding of diversity and widening participation within institutions.
STFC Industry Materials Workshop
10 October 2007, London
The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Industry Materials Workshop will explain how researchers from industry and academia can gain access to STFC facilities. This workshop will promote new materials and methods developed by STFC funded specialists to broader academic and industrial communities.
International Symposium for Engineering
17-19 September 2007, Dublin
The purpose of this symposium is to bring together those involved in the field of engineering education to share best practice and resources. This includes those delivering science, mathematics and other related teaching to engineering students.
ECE 2007 - Education in a Changing Environment Conference
12-14 September 2007, University of Salford
The conference provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to engage in discussion about the key aspects of changes in policies and practices in post-compulsory education and training.
Euromat Symposium 2007 - Teaching Materials Science and Engineering
10-13 September 2007
The Education symposium at Euromat 2007 will address two key questions for the discipline of Materials Science: What should we teach? and, How should we teach it?
Integrating interdisciplinarity: learning, leadership, life
10-11 September 2007
This second conference organised by the Higher Education Academy Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Group will address issues of interdisciplinary teaching and learning from a variety of perspective, including the student experience, institution leadership, local initiatives and national agendas.
The 2nd International iPED Conference 2007
10-11 September 2007
The iPED Research Network is pleased to invite you to the 2nd International iPED Conference which will focus is on 'Academic Futures' for staff and students through its themes of globalisation, emergent pedagogies and leading academic learning.
Developing an Inclusive Curriculum
7 September 2007, York
This conference offers delegates from different disciplines a space to share and develop practical approaches to embedding equality and diversity into curricula. Participants will consider ways in which the many aspects of diversity - including age, class, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religious belief, ethnicity and disability - can become part of their critical thinking in the development of curriculum content and delivery methods.
New and Recently Appointed Lecturers' 2-day Course 2007
6-8 September 2007, Sheffield
The UK Centre for Materials Education is once again organising a 2-day workshop for newly, or recently (ie within the past 3 years), appointed Materials lecturers. The course will be held in early September 2007 and is free to qualifying participants. All costs will be met by the UKCME, inclusive of accommodation and meals.
UK Polymer Showcase 2007 - 'Innovative Materials'
5-7 September 2007, London College of Fashion
The Showcase explores innovative materials and looks at the growing exchange of ideas between the science an design communities.
AES - ATEMA’ 2007 International Conference on
Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications
6 - 10 August 2007, Montréal, Canada
The Symposium is addressed to the researchers working in the area of modelling the
response behaviour of engineering materials on the microscopic level as well as to those interested in a close combination of experiments and simulations. Scientists using, for instance, tomography, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and methods for measuring local strains ands material properties in small areas are equally encouraged to take part in this Session and the Conference.
3rd International CDIO Conference: Changing Contexts for Engineering Education
11-14 July 2007, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
New developments in engineering, increasing globalization of engineering industries, and broad diversity of background and interests among engineering students call for changes in the settings, contexts, and methods of engineering education.
Sustainability and the Curriculum: Progress and Potential
10-11 July 2007, Bradford
Exploring the work of the Higher Education Academy Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project, associated Subject Centres and networks. 
Materials in Bicycles
6 July 2007, London
The Materials in Bicycles one day event will spend a day looking into materials issues relating to bicycles.
The Higher Education Academy Annual Conference 2007
3-5 July 2007, Harrogate International Centre
The overarching theme of the Academy's 2007 Annual Conference is Engagement, with three sub themes of higher education policy, scholarship of teaching & learning in the disciplines, and innovations to support the student learning experience. 
Recent Changes to 16-19 Science Qualifications
21 June 2007, Keele University

This seminar is intended to inform University Teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) about the developments taking place in schools leading to changes in the qualifications of intending applicants

The Science Learning and Teaching Conference 2007
19-20 June 2007, Keele University

This national conference aims to bring together practitioners in the teaching of science disciplines in higher education to share their experiences, identify common challenges and to provide an opportunity to share effective practice. A number of themes will run through the two day Conference, including: creativity, effective feedback, research in teaching and learning, the secondary-tertiary interface and flexible delivery.

Higher Education and Sustainable Development in Scotland: A Networking Event
13 June 2007, Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa, Dundee

The Higher Education Academy, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) are organising a one-day event for all those involved (or would like to be involved) in educating for sustainable development (ESD) at degree level in Scotland. This day is designed to enable exchange of activities, plans, ideas and case studies between those working on education for sustainable development within Scotland. The programme will consist of networking sessions and plenaries.

Active Learning in Engineering Education Workshop 2007
4-6 June 2007, Toulouse, France
Join the 7th ALE International Workshop and experiment, reflect, discuss and debate on issues related to Active Learning applied to Engineering Education in a highly international context.
Intellectual Property in the Engineering curriculum: 2nd UK Workshop: IPRs and Commercial Exploitation
17 May 2007, UK Patent Office, London

An opportunity for IP and Engineering academics, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs to explore and demonstrate best practice in delivering commercialisation aspects in the engineering curriculum, leading to a new and improved IP and Engineering ‘toolkit for survival’.

Effective e-Learning for Engineers
18 April 2007, Barnfield Technology Centre, Luton

Aimed at lecturers, course leaders and educational developers this event will showcase innovative delivery methods which exploit the potential of e-learning for interactivity and engagement, freely available re-usable learning objects, and allow delegates to have the opportunity to take part in an online race with the Racing Academy!

Higher Education and Sustainable Development in the South West: A Networking Event
28 March 2007, University of Bristol

The Higher Education Academy is organising a one-day event for all those involved (or would like to be involved) in educating for sustainable development (ESD) at degree level in the South West.

Pedagogic Research Workshop
27-28 March 2007, Loughborough University

This workshop, aimed at engineering academics, will provide an opportunity to explore what is meant by pedagogic research, relate it to your own practice and provide you with a basis on which to develop your own teaching and learning research in the future.

Design Teaching in Engineering: Exploring Differing Approaches
23 March 2007, University of Strathclyde

This workshop will present a group of exemplars of design teaching, each reflecting a different set of objectives, and utilising varied learning modes. There will also be opportunities to discuss the aims and objectives of design teaching, what should be included and appropriate ways of facilitating student learning.

Encouraging Active Learning Through the use of Case Studies
21 March 2007, Loughborough University

This workshop, aimed at engineering academics, will provide an opportunity to explore different types of case studies, good practice for using case studies in your teaching and how to approach writing a case study.

Flexible Delivery and e-Learning
31st January, 2007, School of Chemistry, Birmingham University
This workshop will introduce participants to methods of flexible delivery and e-learning and demonstrate how such approaches can be integrated into the curriculum.
Education for Sustainable Development: Inter-disciplinary Events
October 2006 to January 2007
A 3 day discussion series to explore the interaction between the Natural and Human Sciences in relation to ‘Education for Sustainable Development’.




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