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Preparing for Academic Practice Conference
19th December 2006, St Anne’s College, Oxford
The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum to share good practice in the USA and in the UK; to prepare doctoral students and postdocs for academic careers; and to discuss research concerning academic practice and its development.
Achieving Success in Work Based Projects - Student Workshop
8 December 2006
Work based projects are an important part of Foundation Degrees and BTEC National Certificates in Engineering. Achieving success in such projects demands more than undertaking the project itself. The work carried out needs to be at the correct academic level, and it needs to be well reported, including possibly a presentation to academic staff and work colleagues.
International Congress of Nanotechnology 2006
30 October - 2 November, 2006 in San Francisco
More than 150 speakers and presenters will cover a complete spectrum of the emerging field of Nanotechnology: from the latest research and development in nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoethics, workforce education and training, environmental, societal and health and safety implications, to nanotech venture capital investment.
Problem Based e-Learning Workshop
16 October 2006, Wolverhampton
Most e-learning is content driven but often it fails to deliver much more than knowledge reproduction and comprehension. Delivering higher levels of learning such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation requires a different approach. Developed by professionals in the field, this cutting edge workshop investigates the use of problem based learning (PBL) as the basis for delivering higher order e-learning
Engineering Education in Sustainable Development 2006 Conference
4-6 October 2006, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France
Acting for sustainable development: today this injunction is the subject of broad consensus. Translating good intentions into concrete targets is the ambition which must inspire all education actors in sustainable development. They need to update and to exchange the objectives and contents of their courses and their teaching methods. Every two years, Engineering Education in Sustainable Development (EESD) conferences give this opportunity to the engineering community.
Going with the Grain: Employability and Enterprise in Research Universities
19-20 September 2006, National College for School Leadership, Nottingham 
This conference is organised in response to a request from the research-intensive universities to highlight the many examples and opportunities for them to engage with the employability and enterprise agenda. The challenges involved in undertaking initiatives to enhance good employability practice are often distinctive for research-intensive universities, with the demands of the Research Assessment Exercise and other pressures for academic staff. The conference aims to spread good practice, inspire ideas and foster networks.
Curriculum Innovation for Diversity
12 September 2006, York St John University College, York
This one day conference will offer academics from across the disciplines a space to share both innovative and practical approaches to the enhancement of student learning through the embedding of equality and diversity in curricula content.
New and Recently Appointed Lecturers' Weekend
8-10 September 2006, at University of Durham
A residential workshop for recently appointed lecturers who teach aspects of Materials, either in courses or modules. The workshop is focused fully on subject-specific approaches to the teaching of Materials. It will be delivered by experienced Materials practitioners, with additional contributions from a number of academics teaching Materials who have just completed their probationary period successfully.
Improving Student Learning Through Teaching
4-6 September 2006, University of Bath
The major aim of the Improving Student Learning symposia is to provide a forum which brings together those who are primarily researchers into learning in higher education and those who are primarily practitioners concerned more pragmatically with improving their practice, but from
whichever starting point, papers are only accepted if they take a sufficiently scholarly, research-based approach.
Challenge and Change in The Higher Education Learning Environment: Process and Practice
4-6 September 2006, at University of Ulster
The early years of the twenty-first century continue to present teachers and educators with a range of challenges in their work with students. The conference will offer an opportunity to re-consider approaches and share ideas about existing and emerging practices and ways of enhancing the classroom experience in a wide variety of subject areas. It is anticipated that the broad areas of concern will generate valuable discussion and debate.
UMTIK-2006: 12th International Conference on Machine Design and Production
5-8 September 2006, Turkey
The UMTIK-2006 aims to constitute a forum of prominent academics and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest advancements, emerging technologies and systems in design and manufacturing of machines, manufacturing systems and technologies.
Engineering Education Conference 2006
24-26 July 2006, Liverpool
International conference on innovation, good practice and research in engineering education. EE2006 offers you the chance to hear about new ideas and research that may help you develop your own teaching practices. It also provides a valuable opportunity to share experiences with other engineering educators working in circumstances similar to your own, and who are facing many of the same challenges. The programme will include workshop sessions, presentations and posters on a broad range of themes.
World Foundry Congress 2006
4-7 June 2006, Harrogate
For the first time in 36 years this prestigious congress and exhibition will be held in the United Kingdom; and will be organised by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME). The theme for the World Foundry Congress 2006 (WFC 2006) is 'Casting the Future' and in line with this theme, the event will focus on the technology being used by leading producers, the work of research and academic bodies and on the education and skills development of casting engineers.
eLit2006: Digital Literacies and Learning in the Information Society
28 - 30 June 2006, Loughborough
eLit2006 is the 5th international conference examining the challenge of
eLiteracy, and is jointly hosted by Loughborough University and the Higher
Education Academy Subject Centre for Information and Computer Sciences.
Pedagogical Research in Higher Education (PRHE) Conference
2-3 May 2006, Liverpool
The purpose of this international conference is to bring together researchers and scholars from a number of countries to encourage and raise the profile of pedagogical research in university teaching and learning.
13th International Students' Day of Metallurgy
30 March - 1 April 2006, Leoben, Austria
The 13th International Students' Day of Metallurgy is aimed for students of metallurgy, materials science and similar fields as well as professors and industrial representatives.
Teaching Ethics to Engineers
29 March, 2006, The Royal Academy of Engineering, Westminster, London

The Workshop will be run by TEEG (the Teaching of Engineering Ethics Group) - a group of enthusiasts with practical experience of teaching ethics to engineering undergraduates - and will be supported by inputs from senior industrialists. Delivery will be largely interactive using a case-study approach.

Implementation of the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme
10 February 2006, York
How to implement a successful undergraduate ambassador scheme for your own institution or department.
More Effective Learning in the Laboratory Workshop
25 January 2006, Nottingham
This workshop will give participants the chance to explore various aspects of practical work to improve the experience for both staff and students. Sessions will include looking at different approaches to assessment, for example considering whether we assess the process or the outcomes of a student practical. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear about innovative approaches to practical work and how they operate at different institutions.




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