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Embedding Sustainable Development into the Curriculum
13 December 2005, York
This one-day workshop will introduce the results of a recent Higher Education Study into determining what Sustainable Development (SD) means to the different disciplines, as well as providing an insight into approaches that can be used to embed SD into the curriculum. There will be a number of case studies presented by the Engineering and Materials communities that outline successful approaches and provide ideas as to how this may be achieved within your discipline.
Sharing Good Practice in Outreach Activities
7 December 2005, Warwick
Attracting more students is an ongoing issue for the vast majority of higher education. This is made more prominent by the government's drive to encourage more students to enter higher education. Attracting more students is particularly challenging for the physical sciences where the overall percentage of students entering higher education is decreasing. To address this issue however, there are a number of exciting and interesting initiatives undertaken by institutions, as well as national initiatives such as AimHigher.
Creativity Challenge - A Creative Approach to Problem Solving for Postgraduate Students
17 November 2005, Manchester
This workshop is offered to postgraduate students and should provide a new set of tools with which to tackle research projects.
Student Representatives' Weekend 2005
11-13 November 2005, South Wales
The 5th Materials Student Reps’ Weekend is being held in South Wales on 11-13 November. How about nominating your Student Representatives for this very successful free weekend!
International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005
31 October - 4 November, 2005 San Francisco
The annual meeting of the International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT). The Congress is one of the largest gathering of world-class nanotechnologists and corporate executives involved in the emerging field of nanotechnology, with more than 150 speakers from 38 countries, covering a broad spectrum of Nanotechnology.
Physical Sciences Centre Professional Development Workshop - Making Personal Development Planning Work
26 October 2005, London
This workshop aims to help academics in the sciences to explore the most effective ways of implementing PDP with their own students and making them operate successfully. There will be an opportunity to hear about several PDP models which have already been developed and successfully implemented with undergraduates.
Centre for Bioscience Event - Linking Teaching and Research Workshop
25 October 2005, York
Research-led teaching is frequently cited as a distinguishing feature of higher education learning environments. But is this the case? This workshop gives you an opportunity to reflect on the benefits for students of learning in a research-informed environment and discuss with others the ways in which you, your course teams and your institution are already linking teaching and research.
Using Video as a Learning and Teaching Resource
26 July 2005, Manchester
A joint workshop event organised by EDINA, the HE Academy Subject Centre in Physical Sciences, the HE Academy Subject Centre in Engineering, and the HE Academy UK Centre for Materials Education. This event aims to provide an exchange of ideas and an introduction to free video material available from the Education Media Online (EMOL) service provided by EDINA.
Symposium on Education in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology
3-8 July 2005, ICMAT – IUMRS/ICAM Singapore
This symposium will address current issues in materials education at all levels from school to undergraduate to postgraduate and beyond, as well as the subjects of public education and outreach activity. Key themes will include innovative approaches to learning and teaching, curriculum development, teaching in emerging fields such as nano- and bio-materials, public scientific literacy, international academic collaboration, and securing recognition of Materials as an academic discipline.
The Science Learning and Teaching Conference 2005
27-28 June 2005, University of Warwick
This national conference aims to bring together practioners in the teaching of science disciplines in HE to share their experiences, identify common challenges and to provide an opportunity to share effective practice.
Workshop: Grant Holders 2005
19 April 2005, Sheffield Hallam University
This annual dedicated Materials workshop is an opportunity for current grant holders awarded in 2004 to present their progress to date, to discuss their projects with colleagues, and to obtain input and exchange ideas.
Workshop: Teaching Mechanics to Scientists and Engineers
23 February 2005, Sheffield Hallam University
9 March 2005, University of Birmingham
4 May 2005, University of Glasgow
To understand a number of important topics in materials science our students must first develop at least a basic knowledge of mechanics. Changes in A-Level maths teaching will mean that in the very near future undergraduates could be arriving without the foundations in mathematics and mechanics required to study our subject. If they do then you, the lecturer, will need to provide significant additional support outside the core curriculum.

The purpose of this workshop is to preserve your valuable time by helping you prepare to deliver this support and by equipping you with some useful resources.





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