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Improving Teaching and Learning in the Laboratory
25 November 2002, University of Liverpool
As a part of the thematic group series, the Centre is hosting a workshop focussing on improving teaching and learning in the lab. We will look at all aspects of lab classes from thinking about the aims of the class to how to assess it. The workshop will be run by Dr Caroline Baillie, the thematic group leader for 'Learning in the Laboratory' and the deputy director of the Centre. We intend the workshop to be as interactive as possible - so bring along your problems and ideas!
Student Representatives' Weekend
15-17 November 2002, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham
The UK Centre for Materials Education is running a free residential weekend for students in Materials Departments who have been elected to represent their fellow students at departmental, faculty or university level. The course aims to help students to appreciate how they can best represent the interests of their fellows, by enabling them to gain an insight into the principles and practice of materials education in institutions across the UK.
Sense of Community
9 October 2002, Sutton Courtney Abbey, Oxfordshire
The UK Centre for Materials Education and the LTSN Generic Centre are hosting a workshop for all members of the Learning and Teaching Support Network. The LTSN has been working hard to create a network of committed individuals for the past two years. Enthusiasts who care about teaching and learning. About students. About higher education as an integral part of our society. Understanding what it is that binds us together in this enterprise is essential to understanding ourselves as a community and not just a network of individuals.
30 September 2002, Imperial College, London
The difficulty of assessment in applied subjects like materials science and engineering is that, while traditional assessment methods which assess knowledge achievements are still important, such methods fail to assess skills development. Some of these skills such as criticality, creativity and problem solving, are intrinsic to the disciplines, whilst others such as team skills, interpersonal skills and IT skills are much less related to a particular discipline, but are of considerable interest to future employers. This workshop will address methods appropriate for both traditional and innovative forms of assessment.
The Future of Part Time Vocational Education and Training in Materials
26 September 2002, Jury's Inn, Birmingham

The numbers of students and trainees entering all branches of engineering are in decline and materials is no exception. As is so often the case, the decline in student numbers threatens the viability of courses. However, in addition, major changes in the structure of vocational education and training is also about to affect the availability of courses and qualifications. In response to this, the UK Centre for Materials Education is hosting a symposium on the future of part-time vocational education and training in materials. The purpose of the symposium is to inform and to debate the current situation and the impending changes in the sector. The meeting is targeted at academics and training providers, industrialists, and representatives of trade and professional bodies. Formalities will be kept to a minimum and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

New and Recently Appointed Lecturers' 2-day Workshop
11-13 September 2002, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester

The aim of this 2-day residential course is to help newly or recently appointed materials lecturers reflect on the most appropriate teaching and assessment approaches for their students, as well as to enable them to meet and network with other new lecturing staff. The course is aimed at materials lecturers who have been appointed within the last three years and is designed to compliment generic based institutional courses.

Grantholders' Workshop

4 September 2002, Sutton Courtney Abbey, Oxfordshire

Over the past two and a half years, the UK Centre for Materials Education has funded a total of 24 teaching development and materials awareness projects through its grants scheme. This annual workshop is an opportunity for all grantholders to get together to share their experiences and discuss their progress.
9 August 2002, Queen's University, Belfast
In this workshop, we will explore different ways in which we can evaluate our teaching practice. The workshop will introduce and use internationally recognised techniques for evaluating the student learning experience, and will give you the opportunity to discuss and consider how you might use these and your own techniques to help you to evaluate the learning experience of your students, and to improve this experience.
Effective Schools Liaison
26 June 2002, The University of Bath
If you are interested in raising materials awareness within schools - as a teacher, an admissions tutor, or through industry, or if you run a scheme which does so, then this workshop is aimed at you. Come along and share your experiences, and find out how to improve the effectiveness of your initiatives.
The Keynote Project One-day Conference
20 June 2002, Clifton Site, Nottingham Trent University
Keynote is an FDTL3 Project on key skills, graduate employability and lifelong learning. This one-day conference will mark two successful years of the Keynote Project. As well as dissemination of our research findings and presentation of several project outputs, the event will provide a forum for discussion and interchange of ideas.
Enhancing Creative Thinking in Science and Engineering
16 May 2002, Armourers' Hall, London
The UK Centre for Materials Education and the LTSN Generic Centre will host a national symposium on 'Enhancing Creative Thinking in Science and Engineering'. The symposium will bring together several of the key thinkers in the area with representatives of the LTSN and lecturers from the science and engineering community. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the way ahead for creative science and engineering education in the UK.
Materials Congress
8-11 April 2002, Institute of Materials, London
The Centre will be holding a session during the afternoon of the 9th April which will focus on schemes that have been implemented to attract and motivate high quality students into the materials professions.
New Legislation, New Opportunities - Implementing the New Disability Legislation
8 April 2002, Loughborough University

The Special Education Needs and Disability Act (SENDA, 2001) and the QAA Code of Practice on Students with Disabilities, will together require some significant changes in Higher Education. This workshop will focus on the issues for subjects that use lab and fieldwork in their teaching and also examine the implications of using technology in learning and teaching. This event is a collaboration between LTSN Engineering, LTSN Bioscience, LTSN GEES, LTSN Physical Sciences, the UK Centre for Materials Education and the Centre for Education in the Built Environment.

The Future of Materials
5 March 2002, Institute of Materials, London
This meeting of stakeholders brought together interested parties with the aim of catalysing collaborative activity on behalf of the discipline of Materials. A report on the event will be available shortly.




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