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Description of Flash Animation

This animation simulates taking a photograph.

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Diagram of camera

Depth of focus is the range of positions over which the image can be viewed without losing focus. The diagram above shows the ray diagram for the final lens; if the resolution of the human eye is 10-1mm, the depth of focus will be 100mm.

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The viewing screen is a screen coated with a layer of electrophosphorescent material. The screen can be tilted and viewed through the binoculars. These usually magnify the image by about x10 to help resolve fine detail.

The camera and screen do not have to be precisely positioned because the depth of focus of the final lens is very large. Click here for more information on depth of focus.


It is very important, in order to take high resolution micrographs, that the film and specimen are very stable. A high resolution micrograph would be spoiled if the specimen moved as much as 0.1nm during the exposure, which might be about 10 seconds. If the specimen drifted fast enough to ruin the photograph (i.e., 0.1nm in 10 seconds), how long would it take to move 1mm?

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