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A response from Dr Rik Brydson, University of Leeds

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"I strongly agree with Peter's viewpoint. Effectively the Engineering Council has set up a scheme that will ultimately lead to the demise of Engineering in the UK (and most importantly the smaller specialised areas of the subject such as Materials). Student numbers are already falling and the accreditation scheme is leading to further reductions, which in turn discourages applicants, which in turn reduces numbers. It is a spiral which is accelerated by the very act of issuing somewhat arbitrary entry standards. Accreditation would have been fine in another climate (i.e. a surplus of students) and would have been much better if set up with degree exit standards (not entry standards). I agree let's dump accreditation - I honestly believe that it will make no difference. The Engineering Council should be more concerned with raising the profile/remuneration of Engineers in Schools and within Society at large."

Rik Brydson, Autumn 2000.


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