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International Meeting: Future of Materials Science and Engineering Education

This meeting, organised by Engineering Conferences International, is being held April 5 - 9 2004 in Kona, Hawaii. EPSRC are providing limited funding to support UK participation in the event. The allocation of this funding will be contingent on a paper being accepted. Further information on the event and the funding available may be found on our web site at

Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs)

After an extended period of consultation HEFCE have now launched their CETL initiative. £315 million is being invested to fund the establishment of over 70 CETLs and their operation over a five year period from 2004-2005. The purpose of CETLs is to 'reward excellent teaching practice and to invest in that practice further in order to increase and deepen its impact across a wider teaching and learning community'. The maximum funding level for each CETL will be £500,000 per year plus an initial capital investment of £2 million.

HEFCE have now published their Invitation to Bid for Funds and the document is available at

Bids are welcome from HEFCE funded higher education institutions and directly HEFCE funded further education colleges.

First stage bids are required by Friday 23 April 2004.

Our Community Briefing on the CETL initiative is available at This provides a good general overview but the fine detail has now been superceded by the Invitation to Bid document. We will shortly be publishing an updated Community Briefing on our web site.

UKCME are offering a programme of support for the preparation of bids for CETLs in materials science and closely related disciplines. We will also be providing ongoing support throughout the lifetime of any CETLs established in our subject.

If you are to be involved in the preparation of a CETL bid please inform our Centre Manager, Matt Murphy ( and he will contact you to discuss the assistance we can offer. The bidding process is competitive and any communications with UKCME will therefore be in strict confidence.



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