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The UK Centre for Materials Education aims to be involved in activities such as:


  • Linking to a solid knowledge base of engineering education researchers worldwide
  • Exploring the most effective conditions for learning
  • Building an international reputation for knowledge development in Materials (Science and Engineering)


Education Development

  • Supporting and initiating education development projects to enhance student learning within the MSE community
  • Hosting a wide range of workshops in house to suit the needs of departments and schools
  • Consulting on all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Providing support and evaluation advice on innovative learning and teaching methods including C&IT


Dissemination of good practice

  • Sharing ideas, experience and resources amongst the community via: Newsletters, website, library of resources (including software, video, books, etc.), case studies and demonstrations


Network building

  • Helping to develop a community of materials educators via: Department visits, team teaching, discussion groups, national meetings and projects


Public understanding

  • Promoting a better understanding of MSE in the wider community, especially in schools